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How do I deposit my rollover check?

Prepare your check

  • If the check is payable to Vanguard FBO* (name on your Vanguard IRA), don’t endorse it. Just make sure it includes your Vanguard IRA account number.
  • If the check is payable to you, you’ll need to endorse it over to Vanguard (print "Pay to the order of Vanguard" on the back, then sign your name), indicate it’s a rollover, and include your Vanguard IRA account number. You must deposit the check to your account within 60 days to avoid taxes and/or penalties. For more information, check with your tax advisor.
*For benefit of

Save a stamp: Use mobile check deposit

If you’re an existing Vanguard client, you can use our mobile check deposit feature on the Vanguard app to deposit your rollover check into your Vanguard IRA. It’s faster than the mail!

You can also mail the check

If you’d rather mail us your rollover check, please complete a purchase form to include with your check. This will ensure that we have all the information we need to deposit your check in a timely manner.

By U.S. mail
P.O. Box 982901
El Paso, TX 79998-2901

By FedEx or UPS
5951 Luckett Court, Suite A1
El Paso, TX 79932