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How do I add a beneficiary?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add a beneficiary to your account

Step 1

Select PROFILE & ACCOUNT SETTINGS from the main navigation.

Next, select Beneficiaries on the Profile & account settings page.

Step 2

On the Beneficiary information page, select Add beneficiaries to a nonretirement account from the options listed in the I want to… section.

Review the legal advisor alert and select CONTINUE.

Step 3

Select Add a primary beneficiary.

Step 4

In the Select beneficiary type section, you have the option of adding your spouse, an individual, a trust, or a charity.

You can Narrow your selection by selecting the appropriate radio button. Select Enter details to add information such as name, birth or trust date, and beneficiary percentage amount. Select SAVE.

Step 5

You have the option to add a secondary beneficiary to your account. Click SUBMIT to save any changes. You’ll also be given the option to apply your beneficiary changes to any other IRA you have. Click OK to finish your beneficiary designations.

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