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How do I add a beneficiary?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add a beneficiary to your account.

Step 1

Select Profile & Account Settings from the main navigation. From the Profile & account settings page, click Beneficiaries.

Step 2

On the Beneficiaries page, choose the account (for non-retirement) or account grouping (for retirement) you’d like to designate beneficiaries for. Then, designate your beneficiaries using the Add another beneficiary option. Select Continue. You'll be able to add back-up beneficiaries later.

Note: Options differ for retirement accounts and non-retirement accounts.

Step 3

Choose your desired Allocation, then select Continue.

Note: You will automatically advance to the next step if you only have one beneficiary.

Step 4

Select “Yes” if you would like to designate backup beneficiaries. This step is optional. If you select Yes and click Continue, you will be brought to a new screen to designate backup beneficiaries.

Step 5

Review your beneficiary selections. Once you’ve reviewed the details, select Continue.

Step 6

Choose if you would like to apply your beneficiary selections to your other accounts (for non-retirement) or account groupings (for retirement). Note that you will automatically skip this step if you don’t have any other eligible accounts.

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