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How do I add a bank for instant authentication?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add your bank for instant authentication with Vanguard

Step 1

First, review the bank authorization process. This will help you understand what to expect as you progress through the authorization process. Once you are comfortable to move forward, please click Continue.

Step 2

Next, select your bank to begin the authentication process from the options listed or search for your bank in the search bar. If you do not see your bank(s) in the list of options, it may not be eligible for instant authentication. In this case, you’ll need to link your bank account manually.

Enter your bank credentials, accept Bank Authentication Terms & Conditions and ACH Agreement before clicking Continue.

Then, choose which bank accounts you would like to link. Then click Continue.

Step 3

Then, select which bank accounts you would like to link. If you’ve previously linked ACH checking or savings accounts, they will display, allowing you to see further information. If it does not display, try linking your bank account manually. Once you’ve selected the accounts to be linked, click Continue.

Step 4

You will have the option to give your new authenticated bank a nickname. You may choose to name them or skip during this process. Click Continue to find that you may have additional Vanguard accounts that are available to link. You may do so at this point or click Continue to complete the instant bank authorization process.

Make sure to take advantage of other tasks, like setting up a recurring transfer or make a one-time transfer, that will make investing with Vanguard simpler.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.